Cannabis and the Brits


The Issue

The British Medical Association (BMA) revealed that cannabis is 5x more dangerous than cigarettes. The association also emphasized that smoking weed can cause lung disease, asphyxiation, and cancer.

However, most Brits are still confused about the claimed dangers connected to marijuana because the government has recently downgraded the drug from class B to class C, making it on the same level with bodybuilding steroids and a few antidepressants.

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So, is it now safe to use?

The reclassification makes Britons that using the drug feels safe, and the doctors wish that the government warn the public about the risk of smoking marijuana.

The Statistics

Figures show that nearly 3.2 million Brits use cannabis on a daily basis, and one-third of 15-year-olds have tried it.

Doctors have estimated that marijuana takes around 30,000 lives per year. It’s also considered UK’s number one cause of serious mental disorders, according to a leading expert.


A report by the BMA reveals that chronic cannabis smoking increases the chances of developing lung cancer, bronchitis, heart disease, and emphysema.

The British Lung Foundation also mentioned that smoking three marijuana joints per day could cause the same damage to people’s airways as a pack of cigarettes.

Smoking marijuana also increases carboxyhemoglobin levels. Carboxyhemoglobin prevents the usual transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide during blood circulation.

The Law

Law-mallet-bookIf you’re a Brit and you possess small amounts of weed for personal use, you’ll most likely be given a warning by the authority first. Officers, however, can still arrest those who possess marijuana, even without giving a warning, especially if it’s being used in public or it’s found on people who are near youth clubs and schools.


If you’re not a Brit, though, then make sure you consume marijuana in moderation and follow your state’s law. Visit for more information about cultivating cannabis.

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