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Avail the Delightful Baking Treats in England

baking bread

As a home baker, what else will keep you happy aside from owning the best bread maker? Yeah, I can hear you.  You want to explore the outside world and learn new things and meet new friends.   Include in your travel itineraries the beautiful country of the English people, the magnificent country in northwest Europe – England.  Being the largest country in Great Britain and the UK,  a baker-traveller like you can find real satisfaction of the world in here.

There are top-rated tourist attractions in England that you would surely love to visit with your family.  Being one of the most visited countries in the world, England offers its tourists endless possibilities and opportunities. One of the best things you can do to make your stay in England really worthwhile is to avail its delightful baking treats.  Make the most of this picturesque city, turn around and enjoy!

Satisfy the home baker in you by visiting some of the best bakeries in London. This is the ultimate city in England for baked goods. The freshly baked bread, cakes, and cookies lure you in sight, aroma, and most especially their unforgettable taste.  There are artisanal bakeries in London that can inspire you a lot in making healthier and more delicious bread when you get home.  You should not exclude these bakeries because they are serving delicious and traditionally made bread and rolls.  Unravel homemade baked goods in these artisanal cafes.

bread baking

Search for Balthasar Boulangerie and experience the greatest delights shared by Keith McNally, one of the known British restaurateurs.  Get inspired by the cafe’s rustic bread which included sourdough, rye, sultana varieties, and spelt walnut.  Taste the cafe’s excellent French pastries and delicious cakes as well and take the best relaxation while taking a sip of your hot or cold drink. Take a turn at 4-6 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ, +44 (0)20 3301 1155.


Include Fabrique at  Arch 385, Geffrye Street, London E2 8HZ, +44 (0)20 7033 0268 and experience the traditional method of bread making as you taste the cafe’s offer of Sourdough bread and Nordic rye.  Have a chance of witnessing the bakers in action and watch their unique styles of baking.  Ooops! Don’t forget the cafe’s cinnamon, cardamom bun, and wide varieties of delicious pastries.

If baking is really your passion, you can bring it anywhere you go by getting inspiration from the best-known bakeries not just in London, England but all over the world.  Take your time and experience the world-class taste in bread at home.  Bring home the bread. Make at home the finest treats from your travel.

What Makes Simon Barley’s British Saws: A History And Collector’s Guide Remarkable

saw and other tools

It’s not every day that you can hear, see, or read an in-depth study about saws.

Thus, here’s what makes Simon Barley’s British Saws: A History and Collector’s Guide remarkable:

  • It has an interesting history. Who first invented it, where it originated from, when it was created, how it was created, etc. – all these and more has always been debatable. But when Simon Barley told the history of saws in this book, it makes a reader want to learn more. It shows how saws actually help people, even from before, make their daily lives and work lives so much easier. More than that, it shows how saws truly evolved over time – be it in terms of materials, the way these are used, and more.
  • It has never-before seen images. Writing about the history of saws based on facts has never been more exciting in this book. Aside from having the usual sources, it was also clearly told like when you’re just telling a story with a whole lot of images to support the story being told. Indeed, a precise and well-outlined book complete with never-before seen images just makes a reader want to read more about it, as well as conduct a research on their own due to curiosity over the story itself and the images’ authenticity.
  • It pretty much explains the importance of saws on a person’s life. While some people only see a saw as a tool for cutting down trees, it is actually used for a whole lot of things. Even our ancestors from other countries use it as a medical tool! In addition, it also tells us the importance of choosing the right kind of saw for your needs. Always remember, each one is different and has its own purpose. One should always learn to choose the right one to avoid complications from using it in the wrong way.

Choosing the right kind of saw for your needs or picking a chainsaw in 2017 has never been this easy, after all.

Boost Your Mood by Spending Time with Nature

St. James Park

If you are having one of those stressful days or simply want to chase the blues away, spending time outdoors would be an excellent idea. There are several ways nature can boost your mood, a concept that results of increasing number of studies seem to support. So the next time you feel anxious, angry, or stressed out, step out and use nature to improve your mood. Engaging in outdoor pursuits can boost your overall wellbeing. In fact, a more recent research shows that even a few minutes nature improves your mood.

Let nature’s sounds soothe you

Do you listen to relaxation music to calm your frazzled nerves? Most relaxation music use soothing nature sounds, which you can enjoy by spending more time outdoors. You can start using nature to improve your mood by visiting a beach, lake, or river near you. Sit by the water, breathe, and release all your worries, fears, and tensions away.

Step outside from time to time

Why not use the 10 to 15 minute breaks you have at work to go for a short walk? If time does not permit it, you can just step out, breathe, and enjoy the view outside even for a while. Alternatively, you can bring your lunch to a nearby park for a change of scenery as you leisurely savor your meal. The time you spend outside can help clear your mind and spark your creativity.

Go for a stroll

Does lethargy or lack of energy slowing you down at work or at home? Why not opt for natural ways to boost your mood instead of drinking your nth cup of coffee for the day? Caffeine may be an instant energy booster, but you will be back to your previous state once the effects wear off. Going for a walk can recharge your mind and body in a natural and healthier way.

Get some work done outdoors

You do not have to do something drastic as leaving your job to find work that allows you to spend time outside. Sometimes all you have to do is to bring your laptop outside once in a while, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed by the pressures at work. Find a cozy spot outdoors where you can do your work while enjoying a breath of fresh air and the calming scenes that nature rarely seem to be in short supply of.

Make time for some outdoor play

Do you want to use nature to improve your mood? Greening your exercise routine can be a good start. Engage in outdoor physical activities such as bicycling, gardening, running, walking, and a wide array of water sports. The said activities can provide you with the exercise you need as well as a much-needed exposure to nature.

Top Rated Attractions to See When in England

England sees its fair share of international tourists every year with many visiting London on business or personal trips. This is not surprising given its rich history and culture, plethora of stunning architecture and monuments as well as the traditional food to enjoy among many others. With an overwhelming number of attractions to choose from, we listed some of the top rated destinations to visit when in England.

Location: Shrewton, Wiltshire
Highlights: Ancient monument that dates back to the Neolithic Age, follow the footsteps of Neolithic people who once lived in the area, Stone Circle, ancient houses, visit the museum, see the exhibition of ancient artifacts

Tower of London
Tower of London
Location: Central London
Highlights: Historic palace, explore the fortress, see the Crown Jewels, Yeoman Warder Tours, visit the White Tower, spot the ravens

City of Bath
Location: Bath
Highlights: A UNESCO World Heritage Centre, stunning Georgian architecture that dates back to the 18th century, natural hot springs, centuries old Roman Baths, breathtaking scenery of the countryside, art galleries, museums, see attractions like Bath Abbey, Camden Crescent, Great Pulteney St, Hanging tree,
Medieval wall, and more

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Location: Windsor
Highlights: Royal residence, historic castle that traces back to 1078, top attractions include the State Apartments (when The Queen is not in residence), Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, and the Great Park, see the changing of the guards, explore the exhibitions

Location: Yorkshire
Highlights: Explore traditional Yorkshire, historic and picturesque towns, medieval buildings like churches, Abbey House Museum, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, breathtaking scenery of the countryside

Cambridge University
Cambridge University
Location: Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge
Highlights: World-renowned university, historic buildings, Cambridge Folk Festival, Midsummer Fair

Lake District
Lake District
Location: Cumbria
Highlights: Lake District National Park, stunning scenery, spectacular landscape, Scafell Pike, natural attractions like lakes, picturesque villages, North Lakes

Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
Location: 11 The Precincts, Canterbury
Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage Site, ancient Christian structure, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, explore the Precincts to see medieval buildings and ruins, The Quire and Trinity Chapel, The Crypt, beautiful architecture and interiors

Location: Cotswolds
Highlights: Dreamy and quiet countryside, breathtaking scenery, medieval buildings and cottages, picturesque villages, explore the Cotswold Way, visit Castle Combe, Chipping Norton, and Tetbury

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
Location: Warwick
Highlights: Historic castle that dates back to the medieval times, jousting festivals, medieval fairs

British Museum
British Museum
Location: Great Russell St, London
Highlights: Museum with an extensive collection of artefacts from around the world, exhibitions, free activities, events, cafes and restaurants,

Big Ben
Big Ben
Location: City of Westminster
Highlights: Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, beautiful architecture